J. Phys. France
Volume 51, Numéro 20, octobre 1990
Page(s) 2347 - 2371
J. Phys. France 51, 2347-2371 (1990)
DOI: 10.1051/jphys:0199000510200234700

High resolution electron microscopy of liquid crystalline polymers

I.G. Voigt-Martin1, H. Krug1 et D. Van Dyck2

1  Inst. Phys. Chemie der Universität Mainz, Jakob Welder Weg 11, D6500 Mainz, F.R.G.
2  Universiteit Antwerpen, Groenenborgerlaan 171, Belgium

Special techniques of high resolution electron microscopy applied to liquid crystalline polymers in the smectic and discotic phases revealed characteristic distortions from the perfect lattice periodicity as well as defects. In order to verify the direct relationship between electron microscope images and structure, computer simulations were performed. Agreement was found between simulated image and structure proposed on the basis of evidence from electron diffraction imaging. A theory was developed to explain this unexpectedly good agreement. Image restoration by frequency filtering in reciprocal space was found to give good results for the discotic material.

6130E - Experimental determinations of smectic, nematic, cholesteric, and other structures.
6837 - Microscopy of surfaces, interfaces, and thin films.
6130J - Defects in liquid crystals.

Key words
discotic liquid crystals -- electron microscope examination of materials -- liquid crystal polymers -- physics computing -- smectic liquid crystals