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Spin density wave in the strongly dimerized quasi-one-dimensional organic conductor (DMET-TTF) 2AuBr2

Youhei Iida, Masashi Sawada, Yoshiaki Sasaki, et al.
Physical Review B 104 (18) (2021)

Complex changes in structural parameters hidden in the universal phase diagram of the quasi-one-dimensional organic conductors (TMTTF)2X ( X=NbF6, AsF6, PF6 , and Br)

Shunsuke Kitou, Lidong Zhang, Toshikazu Nakamura and Hiroshi Sawa
Physical Review B 103 (18) (2021)

Charge and anion ordering in the quasi-one-dimensional organic conductor (TMTTF)2NO3

Olga Iakutkina, Lena Nadine Majer, Guilherme Gorgen Lesseux, Gabriele Untereiner and Martin Dressel
Physical Review B 103 (15) (2021)

Charge-Order Phase Transition in the Quasi One-Dimensional Organic Conductor $${\hbox {(TMTTF)}}_2 {\hbox {NO}}_3$$

Lena Nadine Majer, Björn Miksch, Guilherme Gorgen Lesseux, Gabriele Untereiner and Martin Dressel
Applied Magnetic Resonance 51 (11) 1321 (2020)

Electron Spin Resonance of Defects in Spin Chains—$$\hbox {o}-(\hbox {DMTTF})_2\hbox {X}$$: A Versatile System Behaving Like Molecular Magnet

Loic Soriano, Julian Zeisner, Vladislav Kataev, et al.
Applied Magnetic Resonance 51 (11) 1307 (2020)

Fermi surface electron–hole instability of the (TMTSF)2PF6 Bechgaard salt revealed by the first-principles Lindhard response function

Bogdan Guster, Miguel Pruneda, Pablo Ordejón, Enric Canadell and Jean-Paul Pouget
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 32 (34) 345701 (2020)

One-Dimensional Alternating Extended Hubbard Model at Quarter-Filling and Its Applications to Structural Instabilities of Organic Conductors

M. Ménard and C. Bourbonnais
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One-dimensional electronic systems: metal-chain complexes and organic conductors

Yukihiro Yoshida and Hiroshi Kitagawa
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Radical Cation Salts of Tetramethyltetrathiafulvalene (TM-TTF) and Tetramethyltetraselenafulvalene (TM-TSF) with Chlorocyananilate-Based Anions

Suchithra Ashoka Sahadevan, Alexandre Abhervé, Noemi Monni, et al.
Crystal Growth & Design 20 (10) 6777 (2020)

Decoupling anion-ordering and spin-Peierls transitions in a strongly one-dimensional organic conductor with a chessboard structure, (o-Me2TTF)2NO3

Olivier Jeannin, Eric W. Reinheimer, Pascale Foury-Leylekian, et al.
IUCrJ 5 (3) 361 (2018)

Donor–anion interactions in quarter-filled low-dimensional organic conductors

Jean-Paul Pouget, Pere Alemany and Enric Canadell
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Structural and Electronic Properties of (TMTTF)2X Salts with Tetrahedral Anions

Roland Rösslhuber, Eva Rose, Tomislav Ivek, Andrej Pustogow, Thomas Breier, Michael Geiger, Karl Schrem, Gabriele Untereiner and Martin Dressel
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A Near-Edge X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Investigation of the Quasi-One Dimensional Organic Conductor (TMTSF)2PF6

Katerina Medjanik, Alisa Chernenkaya, Xeniya Kozina, et al.
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A (2016)

Electronic instabilities and irradiation effects in the (TMTTF)2X series

Claude Coulon, Pascale Foury-Leylekian, Jean-Marc Fabre and Jean-Paul Pouget
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Periodic Hartree–Fock and hybrid density functional calculations on the metallic and the insulating phase of (EDO-TTF)2PF6

Gerrit-Jan Linker, Paul H. M. van Loosdrecht, Piet Th. van Duijnen and Ria Broer
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Donor–anion interactions at the charge localization and charge ordering transitions of (TMTTF)2AsF6 probed by NEXAFS

K. Medjanik, A. Chernenkaya, S. A. Nepijko, et al.
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Charge, spin, and lattice effects in the spin-Peierls ground state of MEM(TCNQ)2

Mario Poirier, Mathieu de Lafontaine, Claude Bourbonnais and Jean-Paul Pouget
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Magnetoelastic coupling in the spin-Peierls ground state of hydrogenated and deuterated (TMTTF)2PF6salts

Mario Poirier, Alexandre Langlois, Claude Bourbonnais, et al.
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Comprehensive transport study of anisotropy and ordering phenomena in quasi-one-dimensional(TMTTF)2Xsalts (X=PF6,AsF6,SbF6,BF4,ClO4,ReO4)

B. Köhler, E. Rose, M. Dumm, G. Untereiner and M. Dressel
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Sylvain Ravy
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Pressure-induced deconfinement of the charge transport in the quasi-one-dimensional Mott insulator(TMTTF)2AsF6

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